24 Jul

Movie Information:::::
Original Movie Site::
Genre:::::::::::::::: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Rating::::::::::::::: 7.5/10 4,698 votes
Plot::::::::::::::::: A group of elite warriors are hunted by members of a merciless alien race known as Predators.

Codec:::::::::::::::: XVID
Duration::::::::::::: 1Hour 41Minutes
Bitrate:::::::::::::: 1532 Kbps
Width:::::::::::::::: 720
Height::::::::::::::: 304
Frame Rate::::::::::: 25.000fps
Size::::::::::::::::: 1.18GB
Language::::::::::::: English
Subtitles:::::::::::: N/A
Video Source::::::::: CAM XviD-RELIZLAB Thanks

Codec:::::::::::::::: MP3
Bitrate:::::::::::::: 128KBs
Frequency:::::::::::: 48.000Khz
Audio Source::::::::: OWN! Thanks

Release Notes:
Right….this is NEW LINE Audio and sounds pretty sweet it has NO CAM AUDIO in so a proper TS. now onto video.
pretty poor all round to be honest…saw few different cams, even had a 720p HD Cam of it, but has a bad crop on
the right , so we chose this video, 1stly fixed all the colors to what i thought balanced them through the
movie, still not perfect but…tweaked both the brightness and the contrast as source was not very black and was
more blue. Tried a different and new video denoise seem to do a good job…added a Slight sharpness filter but
not to much, and some other random stuff anyway enjoy nice TS, we filtered the line sounds pretty good….and a
really good job to CrackmaN for another good sync took him 10Minutes

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