The Twilight Saga Eclipse (2010)

24 Jul

IMAGiNE bringing you another release…..The Twilight Saga Eclipse

First of sources used …..russian cam by Elektri4ka,cam by DarkInnocence and audio by TA……Many
thanks to all for these sources 😉
Quality….well we used the russian video as the main source as it was better than the other version.Still had issues
like glares,rgb problems missing footage and what not.
The DarkInnocence video was of a lower quailty both res and bitrate but did have the intro so we used this for that only.
The audio was some sweet line from our good friends TA
Work done …well first needed to cut the intro,almost 2mins off the darl inn cam and then needed to crop and resize it to match
our main encode.
Once done it was onto the russian video this needed some TLC and we tried to balance the rgb colours out but in certian parts
the colouring looks a little off but that due to the source changing colours slightly throughout.
We also lowered the glare as much as possible without it looking grey and washed out.Also messed with the brightness and contrast
and used a smoother aswell and a touch of sharpness.
Oh and also the first 14mins of the russian cam had some camera movements so there was black borders top and bottom,so we had to crop and
resized that aswell so AR might be slight off for that part.
Once both videos were done we muxed them together and then went onto syncing the line audio we had ….

Now we have full line audio inc audio from before the film starts and until the very end and all that was missing is 26secs at the very begining…
which at this point isn’t on any other video so …..not alot we can do about that.Otherwise this is complete



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